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NEW Ready Made Washing Line - 3

NEW Ready Made Washing Line - 3 Image

NEW Ready Made Iain Barr Fly Set Ups - Washing Line - 3 fly cast with extra FAB.

FAB attached with all droppers tied ready for the nymphs to be added


Want to fish exactly as World Champion Iain Barr is when he's fishing the washing line method? Want to ensure the flies will be perfectly positioned with precise dropper lengths and knotted to perfection?

Here is the exact cast made by Iain Barr himself to his precise detail with flies ready to attached then you're ready to go. All you need to do is attach dropper flies and you're ready to fish like a world champion.

The cast consists of an original candy fab; cut throat cruncher, red holo diawl bach with a tuiti fruiti fab to switch with the candy fab when required.

Leader lenghts vary dependent on your casting ability. I typically fish 18 foot with a 3 fly set up but will shorten if fishing into the wind or fishing dirty water where I shorten the length to keep the flies closer together.

Iain Barr Tip - Fish as atatic as possible for best results.

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