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NEW MINI SNAKES - approx 1.5-2" long

Sometimes when small is better........

These are totally unweighted making them very easy to cast and I often fish two at a time. They have a stinger hook at the rear ensuring when the fish attack from the back they are hooked as opposed to just nipping the fly...........

Just keep changing the colours to keep them coming!

These are the find of recent years and account for so many fish its frightening. Fish just can't resist the movement and pulsating furs.

Over-wintered specimen fish to fresh stocked fish take them so you just never know what you're going to catch next.

Whether Small Waters or Large reservoirs these are deadly! This is a firm favourite and known for catching specimen Brown Trout!

World Champions Tip :- Dont just rip them back, I'm having huge success with a figure of 8 retrieve from floater to Booby Basher, Di8 head.

Deadly on Draycote, Rutland, Grafham, Chew, and everywhere

Approx 3.5" long

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