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Killer Shrimp Collection

Killer Shrimp Collection Image

All you need for fishing for the profliic Grafham Shrimp Feeders

27 Mixed shrimps +3 FREE.... - NOTE patterns may vary as we create new shrimps for our selections

You'll receive....

- My original Swimming Shrimps to imitate them in their short bursts of 'swimming'

- My original Grafham killer shrimps tied on grub hooks to imitate them as they rest between their short burst in a curved shape

- My suspender shrimps to imitate them as they hang precariously in the surface!

- My original Grafham Olive Killer Shrimps, imitating an immature shrimp. Been devastating this season!!

They come in a mix from sz8 to sz 14 to imitate some of the huge shrimps to the smallest.

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