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Olive Natural Jellies

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All Iain Barr Jelly Flies are tied with the original and best Jelly Fritz from Frozen North Fishing (FNF).

This natural Olive Jelly fly offers a more sibtle approach. They can be used for snail feeders and the orange amd olive is great on daphnia feeders.

When fish have been hammered by the bright colours, this is your go to fly!

The FAB has foam tied in at the rear to add bouyancy to the fly to fish higher in the water. The blob has no foam and therefore will generally fish deeper.

Iain Barr Tip - Fish static on floating or tip lines for best results with nymphs or buzzers. Most effective on sinking lines when stroked slowly. The FAB and all Olive is great for snail feeders!!

ALL Iain Barr flies are tied to the very highest of quality and deliver unrivalled success.

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