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NEW G5 Fluorocarbon

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Iain Barr Verdict - I first fished this in a Trout Masters fish off and won the heat, landing a 13lb 11oz on the 8.4lb. I fished it to land a 13lb 10 from Elinor and won the English National Bank Championships on it too! Now won the Bob Church Classic for the 3rd year in a row, using the 11.2llb. Amazingly strong, thin diameter and supple allowing smaller knots, hence increasing presentation.

Adding to this the Brown Bowl; Anglian Water Championship and Trout Masters title 2017.

Dont compromise where it matters most! Flies are critical and the next most important is what you attach to it.....

I'd recommend 6.9lb & 8.4lb for nymphs in clear water, may be 11.2lb for nymphs in coloured water, and 11.2lb for most lure fishing, especially if fishing static, and 13.1lb for lure fishing when pulling them fast on sinking lines.

I use the 6.4lb and 8.4lb for dry fly fishing.

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