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Theres just something about the olive snake and yellow eyes.....it can be absolutely devastating and a surprising catcher of big fish! Farmoor fish love the olive!

These are the find of recent years and account for so many fish its frightening. Fish just can't resist the movement and pulsating furs.

Pulled across the surface to create a wake or fished deep off the bottom these are serious BIG FISH finders! Approx 3.5" long.

Over-wintered specimen fish to fresh stocked fish take them so you just never know what you're going to catch next.
Whether Small Waters or Large reservoirs these are deadly!

World Champions Tip:- Just keep changing colours to keep the fish coming! Although mostly fished on sinking lines, try across the surface on a floater when the water warms up.....You've been warned! Try on fast sinkers on short leaders or to cover depths more effectively try on a fast sinker and increase the leader length to 16-20 foot.

Deadly on Draycote, Rutland, Grafham, Farmoor, Chew, and everywhere else!

Just keep changing colours to keep the fish coming!
Approx 3.5" long

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