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Dry Flies, Irish & other Wet Flies

Dry Flies, Irish & other Wet Flies
Big Red / Big Black Image

Big Red / Big Black
One of my favourite dries of all time!

Bristol Hoppers Image

Bristol Hoppers
Wet or Dry fish love em! Other colours available

Orange CDC Owl Image

Orange CDC Owl
Simply an awesome dry fly! ++ NEW ++

Red CDC Owl Image

Red CDC Owl
Simply an awesome dry fly! ++ NEW ++

Red Butt CDC Owl Image

Red Butt CDC Owl
Simply an awesome dry fly!

Owl - Black Quill Image

Owl - Black Quill
Great for dry fly fanatics! DEADLY!

Owl - Olive Quill Image

Owl - Olive Quill
Reduce refusals with the OWL's!

Owl - Yellow Phospher Quill Image

Owl - Yellow Phospher Quill
Specimen Catching Flies!

WCC ORIGINAL Black Harry Potter Image
WCC ORIGINAL Hare Ear Harry Potter Image

WCC ORIGINAL Hare Ear Harry Potter
Designed to sit in the surface film!

WCC ORIGINAL Red Holo Harry Potter Image

WCC ORIGINAL Red Holo Harry Potter
Awesome Dry in a good wave!

Capt's CDC - Red Image

Capt's CDC - Red
Available in 4 colours! Deadly Dry

Original Rutland Foam Daddy Image

Original Rutland Foam Daddy
Rutland Foam Daddy, deadly on any water!

Daddy - Black Image

Daddy - Black
Lethal on its day

Daddy - Detached Natural Body Image

Daddy - Detached Natural Body
Small water favourite

Daddy - Natural Image

Daddy - Natural
Simple and deadly

Red Butt Daddy Image

Red Butt Daddy
One of my personal favourite daddys

Klinkhamer - Black Image

Klinkhamer - Black
Great all round colour for lakes/rivers!

Klinkhamer - Claret Image

Klinkhamer - Claret
Great for emerger feeders!

Klinkhamer - Ginger Image

Klinkhamer - Ginger
Great for Rivers!

Klinkhamer - Red Image

Klinkhamer - Red
Top fly for me on Elinor!

Claret Shipman's Buzzer Image

Claret Shipman's Buzzer
Buy any 10 flies and get 2 free

Rusty Orange Shipman's Buzzer Image

Rusty Orange Shipman's Buzzer
Chew, Grafham, Draycote Favourite!

Shipman's Buzzer - Red Image

Shipman's Buzzer - Red
Red Dries all the way!!

Olive Shipmans Image

Olive Shipmans
Ideal for 'Olive' feeders

Black Shipmans Image

Black Shipmans
Great all year round!

Black Dabbler Image

Black Dabbler
Used by Iain Barr FF Team to win the Anglian Water Final 2008!

Red Dabbler Image

Red Dabbler
Buy any 10 flies get 2 posted FREE.

Claret Dabbler Image

Claret Dabbler
Superb Puller on Intermediate Lines!

Loch Conn Slayer Image

Loch Conn Slayer
My favourite on Loch Conn and others!

Corrib Octopus Image

Corrib Octopus
Irish must have puller!

Hares Ear May Image

Hares Ear May
Superb in a big wave!

Golden May Destroyer Image

Golden May Destroyer
Fish it dry and wet!

May Fly Wet Image

May Fly Wet
Works on wild Browns and rainbows!

Sugarcube Hares Ear Image

Sugarcube Hares Ear
Snail Feeder faviourite!

++ NEW ++ Midlands Litebrite Midas Hoppers Image

++ NEW ++ Midlands Litebrite Midas Hoppers
2016 BEST SELLERS - Top Water Midas Dry Fly

NEW Midland Midas Cubes Image

NEW Midland Midas Cubes
Draycote, Grafham and Rutland Specials!

Detached May Fly Image

Detached May Fly
Superb on the River Test! Must have May!

Claret Bobs Bits Image

Claret Bobs Bits
Top competitors favourite!

Fiery Brown Bobs Bits Image

Fiery Brown Bobs Bits
Snail Feeder and Grafham ShrimpFavourite!

Orange Bobs Bits Image

Orange Bobs Bits
Fish static for best results.

Red Bobs Bits Image

Red Bobs Bits
Drag trout to the top with this one!!

Black Bobs Bits Image

Black Bobs Bits
All round favourite!

100m of the best fluorocarbon Image

100m of the best fluorocarbon
2 free flies with every spool! As used by the Double World Champion

NEW Yellow Owl Hoppers Image

NEW Yellow Owl Hoppers
Perfect for sitting in the surface 'film'

NEW Wet Fly Wonders Image

NEW Wet Fly Wonders
12 patterns for £10.95