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WOW! Super distance, super depths!

400 Grain Di8 Booby Special

Iain Barr - The ultimate fast sinking distance line. This line casts serious distances and 45-50 yards is possible most casts!

Ideal for distance bank casting but just as effective off the boats when you want to get deep or simply cover more water by using this 'rocket launcher!'

Perfect for distance and anchoring boobys off the bottom but very effective pulling deep lures like Snakes, Humungous, Cats Whsiker etc

Airflo - A new addition to the range of 40+ Expert is the 'Booby line'. Originally designed for long range bank fishing on concrete bowl type reservoirs in the UK– this line gets the distance and drops the flies quickly to depths of 30’ or more. Head is 55’ long and is designed to be cut to suit your individual rod, it has a Di8 sink rate and would need to be cut to 40’ or so to work on a 7/8# rod. An ultra thin running line is ridged to reduce tangles and it's hi-vis orange colour is great for spotting takes - total line length is 55yds. An essential line for any competitive fly fisherman, who wants to stay ahead of the pack.

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