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Iain Barr Verdict - Having used almost all the rods out there, this has to be the ultimate fishing machine. Soooo light yet so powerful. It's just made a full days fishing a lot easier!!

Receive 50 FREE flies with this rod. A careful mixed selction will be sent with your rod.

Airflo's brief was to come up with the ultimate UK Stillwater rod. Made and designed in the UK by some of the most innovative competition experts and fish catchers in the business, Airflo realised the ever changing demands of our stillwater fly fishing tactics meant that no single rod could ever be perfect for both top of the water fishing and then setting hooks 20 foot down on a Di7. The result is a pragmatic approach, working with the UK’s leading rod manufacturer; Airflo have configured two rods in this range rods to cover both options. Introducing the Airflo Blitz Fly Rod.

The 10’ 7# is ultra sweet and loads quickly for covering rising fish and has a tip capable of protecting even the finest of tippets – this is THE top of the water rod.

The 10’ 8# has a smoother action than most of its competitors and is incredible for all pulling techniques from blasting out a 40+ Fast Glass out to the horizon, to setting fish at depth on a Di8 Competitor fly line. Both fly rods are made of the highest grade modulas carbon, are 4 piece, ultra light weight and have superior over lock ferrules that are so smooth, they feel like a one piece rod.

With easy to carry handle this box is a delight! If bank fishing you can strap it to through your belt so no need for a bag!

It makes seeing the flies easier so you choose through the lid preventing moisture and rain getting in on damp days.

It has ovr 500 slots so all your flies can be in one place!
Approx 28cm by 20.5cm

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