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Blobs, FAB's, Boobys, FRY

Blobs, FAB's, Boobys, FRY
100m of the best fluorocarbon Image

100m of the best fluorocarbon
2 free flies with every spool! As used by the Double World Champion

NEW G5 Fluorocarbon Image

NEW G5 Fluorocarbon
2017 UK & Trout Master Champions 1st choice....

Tequila FAB Image

Tequila FAB
Top Seller now available in sz 14!

SunBurst FAB Image

SunBurst FAB
Sz 10,12,14

Orange FAB Image

Orange FAB
Daphnia feeder Favourite!

Original Candy FAB Image

Original Candy FAB
Iain Barr Original and POSSIBLY THE BEST

Black FAB Image

Black FAB
Subtle Favourite

Coral FAB Image

Coral FAB
One of the Best!

Pink FAB Image

Pink FAB
Pink Blob - Yellow Foam Tail

Original Candy Split BLOB Image

Original Candy Split BLOB
Iain Barr Original

SunBurst BLOB Image

SunBurst BLOB
Competition Favourite!!!

Sunburst Flashtag Blob Image

Sunburst Flashtag Blob
Great on bright days!!

Tequila Blob Image

Tequila Blob
Competition Top Seller!

Orange Blob Image

Orange Blob
They just love orange!

Black Blob Image

Black Blob
An Old Favourite!

Coral Blob Image

Coral Blob
Great in Crystal Clear Waters!

Rutland Competition Selection Image

Rutland Competition Selection
World Champions Competition selection!

Dominican Orange Flashtag Blob Image

Dominican Orange Flashtag Blob
European Championship Winning fly!

Black Flashtag Blob Image

Black Flashtag Blob
Great Grafham Puller!

Olive Cruncher Booby Image

Olive Cruncher Booby
Superb fly olive snail feeders

Plain Cruncher Booby Image

Plain Cruncher Booby
Top selling booby!!

Blue Flash Damsel Booby Image

Blue Flash Damsel Booby
Deadly for damsel feeders!!

Woofta Booby Image

Woofta Booby
Available in sz 10-14! Consistent Booby

Woofta Split Booby Image

Woofta Split Booby
Match winner and Iain Barr Favourite!

Biscuit Booby/Blob/FAB Image

Biscuit Booby/Blob/FAB
Big Competition Favourite!! Proven Winner!

Candy Split Booby Image

Candy Split Booby
Iain Barr favourite!

Orange 2Tone Booby Image
Tequila Flash Tag Booby Image

Tequila Flash Tag Booby
Don't be without this one!

Black Booby Image

Black Booby
When matt colours matter........

Boo's Booby Image

Boo's Booby
Massive Mentieth Compeitition favourite!

Capt's Black Flash Tag Booby Image

Capt's Black Flash Tag Booby
Competition Favourite

Black Sparkler Booby Image

Black Sparkler Booby
Superb all year round!

Capt's Sparkler Booby Image

Capt's Sparkler Booby
Proven Slab Slayer!

Coral Booby Image

Coral Booby
revelation last few years! Great on daphinia feeders in open water!

Sunburst Booby Image

Sunburst Booby
Mr Consistency! Sz10/14

Orange Booby BLOB Image

Orange Booby BLOB
Early Season Favourite!

Straggle Cat Booby Image

Straggle Cat Booby
An all round successful booby!

Capt's Flash Cat Booby Image

Capt's Flash Cat Booby
Big Fish Slayer!!!

++ NEW++ Cut Throat Cat Boobys Image
Humungus Booby - Black Image

Humungus Booby - Black
BIG Slab catcher - works all year round!

Humungus Booby - White Image

Humungus Booby - White
Big Fish Specialist!

Black Hopper Booby Image
Claret Hopper Booby Image

Claret Hopper Booby
Fish just love claret!

Ginger Hopper Booby Image

Ginger Hopper Booby
Great for daddys and washing line

Red Hopper Booby Image

Red Hopper Booby
Great for the 'Big Red' Buzzers!

Cut Throat Sparkler Booby Image

Cut Throat Sparkler Booby
Top 2016 Booby - Ideal for FRY time